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The Modern World

I recognise that in the modern world, there is only one constant, that of change.  Often we are running hard simply to keep up.  New solutions are needed to meet new challenges.  While change can bring opportunity and excitement it can also be exhausting and disrupt optimal work life balance.  I offer clients a solutions focused approach which supports them to gain a deep understanding of what is happening for them, what is getting in their way and how this impacts behaviour and relationships with those around them, both at home and work.

I see that the very personality traits common among high performing professionals also make them more susceptible to mental health pressures.  I believe that the person you are today is a product of every experience, interaction and relationship in your life to date.  My approach is informed by my belief that all people should feel supported to understand themselves whilst exploring goals, challenges and aspirations for the future.  Without this understanding, our past may well continue to influence decisions and performance in the future.

With qualifications extending to coaching and therapeutic assignments, I offer a rare combination of skills, allowing for a comprehensive and integrated approach to client support.  I am uniquely skilled in identifying psychological blocks and empowering individuals to take control of anxieties and challenges, fostering personal and professional growth.

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